Hi There!

I must admit this blog hasn't really been a place where I have shared too much of my personal life.  I post my latest work, projects, small accomplishments, etc.  But they somehow have all mysteriously lacked writing.  I do feel the need to write occasionally.  Usually it is when I am feeling truly inspired and fear I will forget something specific... and lately I have been wanting to write more frequently.  Since writing about Yosemite trips with my boyfriend Mike, here and here, I have begun to feel a new commitment to this whole "blogging" thing.  I want to give it a shot... I'm just gonna go with it.  I want to write about the adventures we embark upon, however small or unusual they may be.  I still want to post about my latest assignments, projects and accomplishments, but I want to see some new content as well.

One area of new content I have been rolling around in my brain is called - for lack of a better title, at this point - "the people project".  I expect this name to change... and just by doing a quick google search there is already a project with this name aiming to create online communities.  Maybe it will be the "people-telling project"?  Maybe it will just be the 'People' category of this blog... I'm not sure, but I hope that regardless of the name it is exciting, different, inspiring, and visually wonderful.

I would like to do a short storytelling-style series based on the lives of real people.  I want to celebrate seemingly 'average' people in our community who are really doing awesome and unique things, and ultimately leading the lives they want to live.  You won't find celebrities here, but you will find people who have defined the notion of "success" themselves.  People who are creating & making.  People who revel in the outdoors or even work outside.  People who are happy, despite likely being seen as unconventional in some way.  Maybe they see a certain clarity about life and why they do what they do, or maybe they are still searching.  Either way, they are people who show an optimism about life.  Surfers, musicians, artists, boat-builders, mushroom hunters, fishermen, female sailboat captains, specialty food producers, tinkerers, hunters, philosophers, or some combination thereof.  Some of these stories are in the works, and one has already been completed... it will make an appearance here soon.

Sneak preview /// Matt: Surfing, Music & Rediscovery

Sneak preview /// Matt: Surfing, Music & Rediscovery


I hope you find the people whose stories make there way here as interesting and special as I do.  I hope you will stay tuned.