I've had the pleasure of working with Francesco Torre since my days at Fish. Restaurant in Sausalito.  Francesco opened his restaurant, Canneti Roadhouse Italiana, in Forestville, CA with so much heart and hard work.  Canneti prides itself on using the freshest local ingredients available to create a unique blend of Tuscan and Californian cuisine.  Each dish is so thoughtfully crafted, delicious, and visually beautiful.  This was a fantastic project to work on - in addition to photographing the restaurant, I also built Canneti's website.  Check it out to learn more, and if you find yourself in Northern California make sure you stop in.

"Canneti is the name of a road I used to walk to go from my parents' house to elementary school.  I had a dream for a very long time, and when I moved to California years ago, I named that dream Canneti.  Here it is alive with its custom made rustic tables and stools, refinished wood counters and a Tuscan Country flair.  My cucina is a mix of many experiences, from a Relais & Chateaux two Michelin starred restaurant to a simple Tuscan Trattoria, a Louisiana Church BBQ to Long Island country style.  As Canneti came to life, I made the decision to offer just what I experienced myself in the first place.  So you will find just Tuscan and local wines in the wine list, and you will hear a true story behind every dish and decor decision".

 -Francesco Torre