Julie and Dani are impressive and inspiring people in their professional and athletic lives, but August 22nd was about their personal life as a couple.  It was an amazing day focused on the beginning of their marriage with their close family and friends.  The day began with workouts, yoga, and paddle boarding at the fantastic Sojourn Lakeside Resort.  Custom shoes from Reebok and custom maracas from Dani's family in Nicaragua also made an appearance.  It's hard to fully describe any wedding day in a short little blog paragraph, but Julie and Dani's day covered the good stuff - the sacred nature of the commitment they were making and the celebration that should always follow.  Cheers to Julie and Dani!


Shout out to the gorgeous floral design by Kalin of Stems and Sprigs and unparalleled attention to detail by the Sincerely, Ginger Weddings team.  Also, Julie's podcast, Pursuing Health, is definitely worth checking out!

Church: St. Mary's in Gaylord, Venue: Sojourn Lakeside Resort, Hair & Makeup: Bliss Salon, Transportation: Blue Lakes Charters, Catering: BJ's Catering, Dessert: Sugar Me Sweet Cake Shop & Alpine Chocolat Haus, Bride: Mimi's Bridal of Ann Arbor, Groom: Men's Warehouse & Mizzen + Main