This past winter my dear friend Dani and I had the opportunity to curate an art show at Crooked Tree Arts Center in Traverse City.  We asked a group of Northern Michigan based artists to join us in the space.  A huge variety of mediums were represented including photography, videography, sculpture, graphic design, embroidery, painting, and installation.  Dani and I brought the amazing Erin Waineo into the mix not only as an artist, but to help create the branding for the show.  She designed the logo, poster, window graphic and a number of other items including super fun custom buttons.  After two great months, the show closes on May 14th, so stop in if you can!

The entry wall reads:

For this highly collaborative exhibition, emerging creative professionals and environmentally conscious artists bend convention with works of art that explore our relationship to the natural world, sense of place, seasonality, organic forms, water, and wilderness.  As creative professionals we weave the natural world into our work to create a cultural legacy built on environmental stewardship, mindfulness, art, and design.  These wildhearted works of art will inspire you to value and protect our land and water, with wisdom deep as Lake Michigan.  Keep it wild.


A huge thank you to Crooked Tree Arts Center and all the participating artists:

Heather Gray, Erin Waineo, Dani Knoph, Aaron Dennis, Michael Kent, Nate Griswold, Nick Preneta, Katie Brines, Chelsea Dennis, Dan Shepler, Annie Lang, Jake Breed, and Deb Lanning.