Holly’s family owns the cottage next to my grandma’s in Grayling. It was a Danish American community who initially settled and built these summer cottages on Lake Margrethe and the prized feature of Danish Landing is the red and white gazebo. I’ve always loved the gazebo for sentimental, nostalgic reasons, but I’ve never photographed a couple in front of it. So of course when Holly suggested taking photos over at the landing, I was super excited. On top of that, Holly and Collin brought their pets Up North so that they could also be included in the session! So another photography-first occurred for me when I was able to include a cat in engagement photos! We didn’t keep sweet Lacey outside for too long, but I think we got a few real gems. A++ to Holly and Collin for being so fun, and goofy, and braving the cold with me. I’m just feeling super grateful for the coolest people I get to work with!