Last week Ray and Mike headed to Northern Michigan for a little getaway and I was thrilled that the timing worked out so that I could join them for a photo session! The weather, as always, was unpredictable and we ended up with a cold day that felt absolutely frigid the moment the wind touched you. When I stepped out of my car at the beach in Glen Haven, the wind was whipping up huge icy blue waves and I was a bit worried. Despite conditions that make you want to curl up on the couch under a blanket, Ray and Mike were absolutely up for the adventure. Those blues of Lake Michigan came through, we walked through green forests with fat snowflakes coming down, and explored the vast expanse of sand at the dune climb - Northern Michigan’s color palette really came through for us. But the most important part was, of course, Ray and Mike. Their sense of humor and laughter was contagious. We were chatting and laughing as we walked down trails and hopped back in cars to warm up. Their smiles stole the show and I had an absolute blast. Thank you Ray and Mike for an awesome afternoon!




I first met the amazing Grajqevci family two years ago when we did a summer session in Charlevoix.  Fast forward to a few days ago... we met up again for an adventurous hike at Brown Bridge Quiet Area - one of my very favorite places in the Grand Traverse region.  It also happens to be kind of a hidden gem.  Bailey and Visar (along with their two adorable kiddos) have started the Instagram account The Family Travels.  This year they are collaborating with a number of photographers around the state of Michigan and I feel so lucky that they asked me to be a part of their project.  Follow along to keep up with their adventures!  And hopefully this won't be the last time you see them here either ;)



This week on the blog we are looking back at our time in California.  With such huge changes happening over the past year, the blog has gotten very far behind.  Before we move forward with blogging about 2014 - I want to make sure we cover a few absolutely amazing experiences and projects we had in Northern California.

So for starters, we have to thank our friend J for attending Dartmouth.  It just so happens that Dartmouth has an alumni cabin in Tahoe that is the epitome of a rustic mountain getaway.  We had the chance to spend a weekend there with some of our closest friends.  To our California friends and family - thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing in a very special time in our lives.  We look forward to our future visits, and we are also excited to share the next chapter of our lives with you - both on this blog and in person.

P.S. Mike is slightly embarrassed by a few of these photos, so enjoy.



Seeing two of my shots used as cover photos this season has been amazing!  The topics and publications couldn't be more different: California dairy farming in Edible Marin and Wine Country and underwater archaeology in the Dominican Republic featured in American Archaeology.  But hey, that's why I am loving my projects... they are so varied and unique.  One day I am shadowing artisanal cheesemakers, sampling fresh ricotta, and the next I am underwater photographing artifacts from a 1725 Spanish treasure galleon - ok, well the whole 'next day' thing is an exaggeration...

Either way, I have to stop and be thankful for everything that has happened in the past year.  Launching into the business world of photography has been slow going - and I am still looking forward to the day when I am completely financially stable doing it - but I have to recognize the progress.  When I receive the physical publications with my images, I get a boost of encouragement to continue on and tell more stories.

Thanks to Indiana University and Professor Charlie Beeker (pictured in the photo), this project was made possible, and I can only hope to collaborate in the future!  


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The north had appealed to me - its freedom and its beauty. I had given much thought to it. I didn’t have definite plans, but I just wanted to be there. I wanted more.
— Olaus J. Murie
Moonset /// Grayling, MI.

Moonset /// Grayling, MI.


This morning I stumbled upon the book Journeys to the Far North by Olaus Murie at an estate sale.  I won't get into my love of estate sales just yet, but I might be posting more quotes from this book - and a few others I picked up - in the future.  Just by flipping through it, I am already excited to read it and make art inspired by it.  By looking up Olaus Murie online, I am told he was a naturalist, author, and wildlife biologist who did groundbreaking research on a variety of northern mammals.  He is now called the "father of modern elk management" and - this is my favorite part - he spent his honeymoon with his wife, Mardy, tracking caribou through the Koyukuk River region.