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It might rain on your wedding day, and if it does, I hope that you react with as much grace as Lisa and Greg did. Rain is not what anyone plans or hopes for, but it’s a lot like life. Things are thrown at you and you figure out how to make magical things happen anyway. You make the best of it - and let me tell you - Lisa and Greg truly made the best of it. I also don’t want the lasting memories of this day to be about the weather. Because this day was about SO MUCH MORE than the weather. The day was about this amazing couple. Their commitment to each other, and their friends and family who all gathered together in a beautiful barn to celebrate them. After the storm had passed, and they were officially married, they walked together into the fields on this beautiful property and took it all in. It was their best day ever. And I know for sure because at the end of the night after toasts and dancing and laughing, Lisa told me that it was. Cheers you guys!

Venue: Sonshine Barn Wedding & Event Center

Wedding Coordinator: Amber with Sonshine Barn

Hair & Makeup: M.O. Hair & Beauty

Florist: Flowers from TC farmers market.  Arrangements put together by Flowers by Evelyn.

Rentals: Sonshine Barn

Caterer: BJ’s Catering

Dessert: Strictly Sweets

DJ: Rusch Entertainment

Bride’s attire: Memories Bridal

Groom’s attire: Macy’s




We’ve made it to part three of my 2018 highlight series and let me just say - the candids are what really spark joy for me (anyone else out there binging the new Marie Kondo series on Netflix?!). The unplanned moments, the dynamic emotions, the chance to capture fleeting things that can’t be recreated.

This is why I’m a wedding photographer. This is what keeps me motivated season after season. It was always what drew me to weddings, and it continues to inspire and challenge me today.

If the last few years have taught me anything, it’s that even if you try as hard as you can to plan every aspect of your life… you simply can’t. Shitty, deeply tragic, things happen. AMAZING things happen. So when you can feel happiness and joy, feel it deeply. Set that time aside to celebrate. Sing loudly, laugh with your favorite people, and DANCE.

This is a long post, but I promise you it’s worth it for a lot of reasons, but definitely the dancing. Stay for the dancing.




For years I have been thinking about what our roles are as wedding photographers and I've come to a lot of conclusions about what I feel is truly important.  Somehow, the amazing folks over at We Are The Parsons (a tremendously inspiring husband and wife photography team) are writing about many of the same things that I've been thinking.  There have been times when I feel like they're reading my mind - and then taking those thoughts even one step further.  Ideas about letting go of a rigid "shot list" and instead allowing yourself to truly watch what is happening in front of you.  Then capture that.  The moments that you let unfold before you will inevitably be the most realistic.  The way a dad looks at his daughter.  The ring bearer's pouty face before portraits and then a complete 180 degree mood change as he RUNS down the aisle during the processional with a huge smile on his face.  An offering of flowers at the beginning of the ceremony to honor those family members who are no longer physically present.  Feeding your new mother-in-law a bite of your wedding cake after you cut it.  Does this mean I'm never going to pose anyone ever again?  Absolutely not.  BUT, it helps to have this refreshing perspective about shooting.  That you are doing it for a specific group of people each weekend.  They are all unique.  Don't follow the same "rules" every time.  Liz and Brian are awesome.  Their family is awesome.  I hope we captured some images that could only have happened with this group.  Cheers!




At the beginning of the day Jon's mom gave Becky a mercury dime from 1944 to put in her shoe.  The dime had belonged to Jon's grandfather.  Later during the reception, Jon's parents told them that September 16th was actually the same day that his grandparents were married in 1944, which they hadn't realized before!  I just loved this sweet element of their day.  These little things that make everyone's wedding day truly unique.  AND, who would have guessed that we'd have a stretch of 80 degree weather in September?!  I certainly hadn't expected it, but it turned out beautifully.  Sojourn is one of those magical places with an up north - woodsy - summer camp - vibe that can still be as elegant or as rustic as you choose.  It's a stunning location and a perfect place to spend one of the last warm weekends of the year.  Cheers to Becky & Jon!

Venue: Sojourn Lakeside Resort, Coordinator: Joy Volant, Hair & Makeup: The Beauty Gals, Florist: Bride, DJ & Violin: Rodney Page, Caterer: BJ's Catering, Dessert: Kim's, Bride's Attire: Jim Hjelm by Hayley Paige, Groom's Attire: J. Barbaro, Photo & Video help by the awesome Sawyer Harris & Dustin Stockel - Stay tuned for Becky & Jon's video!



Julie and Dani are impressive and inspiring people in their professional and athletic lives, but August 22nd was about their personal life as a couple.  It was an amazing day focused on the beginning of their marriage with their close family and friends.  The day began with workouts, yoga, and paddle boarding at the fantastic Sojourn Lakeside Resort.  Custom shoes from Reebok and custom maracas from Dani's family in Nicaragua also made an appearance.  It's hard to fully describe any wedding day in a short little blog paragraph, but Julie and Dani's day covered the good stuff - the sacred nature of the commitment they were making and the celebration that should always follow.  Cheers to Julie and Dani!


Shout out to the gorgeous floral design by Kalin of Stems and Sprigs and unparalleled attention to detail by the Sincerely, Ginger Weddings team.  Also, Julie's podcast, Pursuing Health, is definitely worth checking out!

Church: St. Mary's in Gaylord, Venue: Sojourn Lakeside Resort, Hair & Makeup: Bliss Salon, Transportation: Blue Lakes Charters, Catering: BJ's Catering, Dessert: Sugar Me Sweet Cake Shop & Alpine Chocolat Haus, Bride: Mimi's Bridal of Ann Arbor, Groom: Men's Warehouse & Mizzen + Main