Michigan Editorial Photographer



Over the past few years I’ve had some amazing opportunities to help other women promote their businesses. Creating content that shows off what they do well. What they are passionate about. What they devote so much time and energy into. I love being able to help create images that they are proud of, that they can’t wait to share and use. Carrie and her husband Nate own Roost North a vacation rental business. They host guests at two awesome condos in the Commons and are hoping to be able to showcase all of the amazing things that you can do (within walking distance) of their rentals! They want to host, but they also truly want to help you craft an incredible and memorable trip to TC. Carrie’s instagram feed not only shows off her gorgeous spaces, but her stories are constantly showing off local businesses. Promoting them to her visitors and sharing deals, reposting their content and specials, sharing things to do in the area - I would even recommend that TC locals follow along to get an inside scoop ;) So this lifestyle shoot (on a perfect Fall day) was a great way to share how amazing the Commons are as a Traverse City vacation destination. We grabbed coffee at Higher Grounds, walked over to Roost North’s Spiral Sanctuary property where we enjoyed bubbly and cheese, then headed to Left Foot Charley’s for wine tasting (and conveniently grabbed chips and salsa from Spanglish next door to snack on). After that we walked over to Archie’s food truck where we placed an order that we could enjoy inside Earthen Ales. Whew! What a whirlwind tour. Here’s a peek of what we captured…




Last Fall I made my way across the state to photograph three young, entrepreneurial, farming families for Taste the Local Difference. The experience was completely inspiring. I love meeting people who are passionate about what they do, especially when it comes to food. On top of that, I really haven’t explored the “Sunrise Side” of Northern Michigan all that much, so this shoot exposed me to even more of this State that I want to spend more time in. The Beckta’s (Wandering Winds Farm), Moffatt’s (Vessel Farm), and Wilbur’s (New Sun Farm) were all so generous with their time and I’m so proud of the images from this shoot. One of my very favorite shots, which also happened to be one of the very last images I took that day, made the cover of the 2019 Local Food Guide. I hope you’ve had a chance to snag a copy this season, but if not the TLD website is such a great resource that you should absolutely take advantage of!




If you are really, really, lucky you will have a couple friends who have been there for your whole life. Who you played power rangers with. Who you spent months with in the summer living out of your bathing suits and throwing fishing lines over the side of old pontoon boats. They grew up with you and witnessed your adolescent shenanigans and still love you. They aggressively rooted for college sports with you. And then when everyone had graduated from college and moved onto other adventures, and moved long distances, there was always that phone call, that random text, that email, just checking in. I’m so so grateful to have a couple of these people in my life, and now we’re all “grown up” and either married or about to be married.

Even though we don’t always see each other as much as we might like, when we are together it’s pretty special. Last Summer we found one weekend that worked for all of our schedules. We went camping and made meals over the fire. We passed around bottles of beer and bubbly. We ate snacks on the beach and fell asleep in the sand. I almost got hit in the face with a frisbee - instead I ended up with a welt on my collarbone. We all laughed so hard we cried. We took a kayak out into Lake Michigan and the early Summer water was crystal clear. We watched the sunset and then made our way back to the fire. The best part? We were unplugged. If you only have a couple days out of the year to spend uninterrupted with some of your favorite people, I highly, highly, recommend doing something like this. Find a place where your phones don’t work - it will be great.