On a Tuesday in July, Allison & Ray tied the knot. They stood on top of a friend’s boathouse overlooking Higgins Lake and read vows and exchanged rings. And laughed. And cried. They made Ray’s daughter, Eleanor, a critical part of their day. They danced and joked together. They remembered Ray’s dad in a powerful way by placing his flag and portrait on the front row of ceremony chairs. Friends surprised them and decorated the van with “just married” chalk paint and streamers. They drank and danced the night away. I’ve been trying to write about this day and coming up short. I haven’t been able to find the right words, but I keep coming back to this: This day felt real. This was truly Allison & Ray’s wedding. It’s hard to explain. There is no way this wedding could have been for anyone else. It was 100% them. It was filled with their personality and I am filled with gratitude because I had the opportunity to tell this story. Cheers!


Sarah & Kris // Higgins Lake Wedding Photography

Sarah and Kris are so very deserving of the amazing wedding day they had last Saturday.  Due to an unexpected family illness, they had to re-plan their entire wedding in a matter of weeks.  Construction was still being finished on Kris' parents home on Higgins Lake, and the construction crew even rushed to have the place done and ready to go for the new date.  And I must say, what they pulled off was absolutely incredible.  Their day was filled with so much joy and heart.  It was a beautiful community effort to witness.  We are very thankful to have been a part of their day - congratulations Sarah & Kris!  Oh, and video is coming soon!  Stay tuned.


Huge thanks to Dustin for helping out on this one!!  He's the best!