Backpacking in Northern Michigan // Jordan Valley Pathway // From the Archives


There’s nothing quite like walking out into the woods with everything you need for the night on your back. All of your food. The tent and sleeping bag you’ll sleep in. An extra layer of clothing. A baseball hat snapped onto the back of your pack. And then you walk. Through forest with tall trees. Over a wooden boardwalk elevated over swampy terrain. Along a cold and clear river. Through berry bushes taller than you are. Your feet get tired, but the sun is warm and you chat with each other about anything and everything. Then for some stretches it’s ok to be silent. To get into a rhythm. My short legs make me a pretty slow backpacker, so I just try to go with the flow. But trips like this provide me with little jewels in my memory. These are little glowing days that stand out compared to the rest of my year. It wasn’t because it was easy. No. It was definitely not a breeze. My body was pretty exhausted after this trip on the Jordan Valley Pathway, but a couple of days in the woods makes your mind slow down. After a trip like this I seem to be able to refocus on the things that are truly important. I can’t wait to plan our next outdoor adventure - I’m already brainstorming ideas for this Summer…



I have written about our amazing trips to Yosemite on this blog before, here and here.  For Mike and I, they hold some of our favorite memories from our time living in California.  Yosemite is just an undeniably amazing place.  We took this trip almost a year ago, last May, and before moving onto blogging about 2014 (including some great stuff coming up from Honduras), I wanted to make sure I got some shots up here.  We backpacked to Ostrander Lake, spent the night, woke up to a campsite visit from entertaining yellow bellied marmots, hiked out, spent some time at the viewing areas at the end of Glacier Point Road, and on our way out even spotted some bears from a distance.  We know we will be back, we just have to figure out when!