Last week Ray and Mike headed to Northern Michigan for a little getaway and I was thrilled that the timing worked out so that I could join them for a photo session! The weather, as always, was unpredictable and we ended up with a cold day that felt absolutely frigid the moment the wind touched you. When I stepped out of my car at the beach in Glen Haven, the wind was whipping up huge icy blue waves and I was a bit worried. Despite conditions that make you want to curl up on the couch under a blanket, Ray and Mike were absolutely up for the adventure. Those blues of Lake Michigan came through, we walked through green forests with fat snowflakes coming down, and explored the vast expanse of sand at the dune climb - Northern Michigan’s color palette really came through for us. But the most important part was, of course, Ray and Mike. Their sense of humor and laughter was contagious. We were chatting and laughing as we walked down trails and hopped back in cars to warm up. Their smiles stole the show and I had an absolute blast. Thank you Ray and Mike for an awesome afternoon!



I have been friends with Courtney since the fourth grade - the days of juggling soccer balls in the basement and putting on impromptu fashion shows down the hallways.  Being able to watch her begin this new phase of life called motherhood, fills me with happiness.  Seriously, pregnancy really suits her.  I feel honored to capture this incredibly special part of her life.  Photographing people makes me feel connected to them and if I already feel connected, it makes that feeling even richer.  I love you Courta.



Loons have always been one of my favorite birds.  There is just something about their call echoing across the lake in the morning or evening, their pattern, the way they dive.  They also represent summer because they are a migratory species.  So they mean the long, light-filled, Northern days are here.  A couple nights ago, before a storm came in, we were able to watch a group of three loons hunting together.  The experience really hit a chord for us, especially during a time of grief for our family over the loss of my uncle, who loved this lake so much.


If you are interested in a fine art print, please contact me.  And you just might see a few of these at the AuSable Artisan Village Gallery in the near future...


I am so excited to share that my work has been published in the June issue of Discover Magazine!  Two years ago, Professor Charlie Beeker gave me the amazing opportunity to document his underwater archaeology work in the Dominican Republic.  Professor Beeker, along with his students from Indiana University, Peace Corps Volunteers, and the Dominican Republic's Oficina de Patrimonio Subacuatico, have been working tirelessly to recover artifacts and preserve underwater areas of important cultural significance.  I was able to witness firsthand as plates, coins, and silver were first uncovered after spending nearly 300 years underwater.

I will always be grateful for this experience, and this has to be one of the most gratifying moments of my career as a photographer.  You can view more images from this trip here, and go pick up a copy of the magazine! 



Today we - Mike and I - took a refreshing break from editing, and finally broke out my new - well actually used - underwater housing.   My experiments today feel like I am actually accomplishing the things I wanted as a thirteen year old, dreaming about being underwater.  I didn't feel the intense desire for the photography part in all of this until high school, but ever since then I have imagined, waited for, sold a car, shopped around, and gathered the pieces necessary to buy this piece of equipment.  Wedding season rolled around and I have just been trying to keep my head above water - excuse the bad pun - keeping up with clients, editing weddings, scheduling meetings, responding to emails.  My facebook page right now makes it seem like weddings are all I ever do.  And don't get me wrong, I feel incredibly fortunate to be documenting such amazing people this summer.  It has been an awesome experience working for myself and doing something so memorable for couples.  I really love it.  But I needed today.  I needed to remember my thirteen year old dreams and take advantage of the warm weather while it lasts.  I needed to finally get the courage to put the housing together, and cross my fingers that I did everything right, and dunk it underwater.