Underwater Archaeology

Dominican Republic

As a result of my involvement with OWUSS, I was offered an amazing opportunity to drop everything and head to the Dominican Republic to document the research of Professor Charles Beeker and his team from the Indiana University Department of Underwater Sciences.  I found myself in a place where the new and old collided: modern tourism and beach resorts clashed with Columbus-era history.  At a popular local beach near Santo Domingo, I was able to capture the uncovering of artifacts from a 1725 Spanish treasure galleon. Beeker and his students work closely with Peace Corps Volunteers and the Dominican Republic's Oficina de Patrimonio Subacuatico, to recover artifacts and preserve areas of important cultural significance.  Ongoing projects include creating and protecting Living Museum of the Sea sites around the country.  Pieces have been published in Discover MagazineSport Diver magazine, and American Archaeology about this work.


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